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Welcome to HUSLink! Please register below to be a mentor for Hamline University School of Law students and graduates.
Please begin by entering your email below. To avoid setting up duplicate accounts, please enter the email address you may have used in the past to login to this system. (If you wish, you may later change to an updated address as part of the registration process.)

Upon entering your email one of three things will happen:

(1) If you already have a "student/alumni" account with the email entered, you will receive a pop-up notice box at the top of the page and should choose the link to "Register this email address in the contact database." (Mentors must log in as "contacts," not "student/alumni"; you will have two separate Symplicity accounts.)

(2) If you already have an account as a "contact," you will be taken to the login page; to have mentor access added to your already-existing account, please contact us at or 651.523.2470 (rather than registering again under a new email address). We will then activate the mentor module and notify you when it becomes accessible in your account.

(3) If you do not already have an account of any sort under this address, you will be taken to an account registration page to request one as a "contact."

If you experience any problems, please contact us at 651.523.2470 or